Water logging in the late production of oil reservoirs with abundant edge-bottom water and water-gas layer stagger is one of the main factors that lead to low production. For the water plugging problems in gas well production, the common solution is coiled tubing through casing. To solve the problem, a high temperature, sulfur-resistant and channeling-resistant cement slurry system is developed, which has low friction and high liquidity and is easy to flow through the coiled tubing. Besides, cement slurry pollution is minimized and the success rate of gas well water plugging is improved by the combination of coiled tubing and the construction technology optimization, software simulation and laboratory evaluation. First ,carry out the log analysis of water and gas distribution, then place tubing-expansion bridge plug under the water layer and pump cement slurry to the destination. At last, put down coiled tubing after cement solidification and recover gas production. The measurement of coiled tubing and cement slurry system is positive for water plugging in gas wells with high depth and temperature. The oilfield test results show that daily gas production is improved largely and liquid production is reduced by 90% for 4 wells with high water cut through water plugging. Besides, operation cost is reduced and the pollution problem caused by produced water is also solved, which can provide water plugging operations for the similar wells.

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