Hopkinson introduced the Split-Hopkinson Pressure Bar (SHPB) test in 1964 for testing the performance of dynamic projectile deformation. This testing apparatus has evolved and was introduced to the rock mechanics community less than a few decades ago. Many researchers have different views on what is the proper Length to Diameter (L/D) ratio of the rock sample for a standard testing method. In this paper, we investigate different L/D ratios of 1.24 inch diameter Motoqua Quartzite sandstone samples. First of all, we will validate our SHPB setting using Aluminum 7075-T6 samples. This aluminum sample’s mechanical properties are well known and show consistent response under quasi-static and dynamic tests. This paper not only tested the sensitivity of the aluminum sample under different pressures, but also tested its behavior on different L/D ratios and showed the preliminary results of these tests. Different L/D rock sample results will be shown in this paper.

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