The crack damage progression in crystalline rocks is approximated in laboratory by means of rigorous strain measurement and/or monitoring of Acoustic Emission (AE) activity. When both means are used, they are treated independently for quantification of damage in the rock. This paper is investigating a new method to combine the AE and strain data in a unified function to calculate the balance of stored and released energy in the rock due to loading (strain energy) and micro-cracking respectively. This method introduces a new solution for measurement and quantification of crack damage in rock and also provides a tool to investigate the brittleness of different rock types. Unconfined Compressive Strength (UCS) testing of six different rock types with strain measurement and AE monitoring was performed for this study. The application of the new method to the data collected from the UCS tests indicates the difference between the behaviour of the various rock types in terms of sudden energy release at the onset of CI threshold and the difference in the storability of strain energy before and after CI and CD thresholds.

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