Borehole images have accurately recorded the geological information and the structure characteristics of rock mass, but structural plane parameters in borehole images are usually obtained by manual operation with large workload and affected results by human factors. To solve this problem, this paper presents a full-automatic recognition method of structural plane parameters in the obtained borehole image from borehole camera or imaging system. This method uses image gray, gradient values and projection method to distinguish the occurrence region of borehole structural planes, and then uses standard sine function matching method to search the structural plane in the region. Results show that this method can automatically identify the structural planes in the borehole image continuously and quickly, and obtain the corresponding structural parameters, such as the central positions, orientations and dip angles of structural planes in borehole images. It is stable and reliable, and greatly improves the working efficiency. This full-automatic recognition method can realize the automatic features picking of structural planes and the analysis of geometric parameters in borehole images after drilling engineering. This paper has provided an effective and reliable solution for the improvement of drilling information acquisition technique and borehole image signal processing technique.

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