Providing efficient support system which prevents failures and deformations is one of the most important issues during tunnel construction especially in weak grounds. When conventional support systems such as rock bolts, shotcrete, wire mesh, steel frames and lattice girders cannot provide sufficient support for tunnels, using pre-reinforcement systems becomes necessary in addition to main support systems. Pre-reinforcement of weak ground is done before the excavation or ahead of advancing the tunnel. This will provide a safe and effective operation. Pipe roofing umbrella arch pre-reinforcement method is one of the conventional pre-reinforcement systems that can be implemented in tunnels, caverns and other infrastructures construction. Detailed 3D numerical simulations are useful tools to obtain a better understanding of the performance of a pre-reinforcement system. In this paper, sectional excavation of tunnel No.10 of the Ghazvin-Rasht Railroad is simulated with FLAC3D code by using pipe roofing pre-reinforcement method, side bolts and pipes, and initial support system. The results of numerical simulations are analyzed by using tunnel support interaction charts. Considering all technical parameters, pipes with 4 in diameter, 15 cm spacing and 5 degree installation angle is selected as the most appropriate pipe roofing method for this tunnel.

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