The permeability of shale gas reservoir is very low. Hydraulic fracturing is needed to form an effective production capacity. However, creep properties of shale gas reservoir rocks have effects on the development of shale gas, for instance, artificial fracture flow conductivity is very sensitive to the creep deformation of the crack. In this work, we make numerical model of the creep behavior of shale gas reservoir and the constitutive relation is based on creep experiments in triaxial deformation apparatus under room temperature and room humidity conditions. Model result shows that after one year the creep deformation is around 9% of fracture width and it will enhance proppant embedment and fracture closure during production process. The capacity of fracture flow conductivity can strongly decrease based on the creep deformation of shale rock after a few decades. In conclusion, shale gas reservoir rock has creep deformation controlled by power-law function of the time. Creep behavior leads to the fracture closure and decrease of fracture flow conductivity in the reservoir.

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