Slope failure is often caused by heavy rain fall and it crashes into small pieces with water. However, this process could not be solved by conventional FEM. In this paper we introduce discontinuous DDA (Discontinuous Deformation analysis) and particle MPS (Moving Particle Simulation) analysis to solve a complex solid and fluid interaction problem, especially rock and water mixed debris flow. This study presents a new approach in which rock block movement is solved by DDA and water flow inside the rock mass is solved by MPS (Moving Particle Simulation) method separately. Then they are coupled in the calculation to account for the mutual interaction. To analyze the coupling between the water flow and the falling blocks of rock, this study introduces the equivalent external forces for the falling blocks of rock caused by the water flow. The velocities are calculated for the fluid flow based on MPS. MPS analyzes the part of fluid alone and DDA analyzes the part of solid alone to set the initial state of the analysis. After the results is superimposed, the coupling analysis is carried out.

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