This paper presents a numerical model for the simultaneous growth of multiple parallel hydraulic fractures with a constant height. The model uses an idealized formulation based on the Elliptic Displacement Discontinuity Method (EDDM). The EDDM assumes each fracture element to have displacement discontinuities of an elliptical shape and solves the one-dimensional elasticity problem. In addition to the EDDM, the model employs the multi-scale tip asymptotic solution that allows a coarser mesh near the fracture tip, compared to the Linear Elastic Fracture Mechanics solution. To show the capabilities of the developed model, the paper presents the comparison between the computed numerical solution and a reference solution. The latter is calculated using a fully 3D hydraulic fracturing simulator for multiple parallel hydraulic fractures. We investigate the effect of perforation friction and spacing on the results. The comparison shows that the EDDM model agrees with the reference solution when spacing between fractures is greater than the fracture height. However, a discrepancy appears in the zero perforation friction case once the fracture spacing becomes comparable or smaller than the fracture height.

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