The depleting reserves and expensive nature of natural sand are prompting a need to find alternative materials that are sustainable and cost-effective. Waste glass, and its ever-increasing stockpiles, could be such an alternative material because it has a similar chemical composition to natural sand, while it is unsuitable for landfilling due to its biological inertness. This study examines the potential use of crushed waste glass as an alternative geomaterial and discusses some of its common safety concerns including skin cuts and silicosis. The basic geotechnical parameters of waste glass are compared with those of natural and manufactured sand. The parameters analysed in this study include gradation, specific gravity, minimum and maximum density, hydraulic conductivity and abrasion loss. The results demonstrate a high level of similarity between the basic geotechnical parameters of crushed waste glass, natural sand and manufactured sand. These findings strengthens the hypothesis that crushed waste glass can potentially act and be implemented as an eco-friendly substitute for natural sands in geotechnical construction.

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