The paper present the results of parametric study carried out for analysis of 150 m high non-overflow concrete gravity dam resting on rock foundation having zones of varying modulus of deformation of rock material taking different width depth combinations of foundations.


Construction of dams for water resource development is a continuing process. A number of dams have been constructed, some are being constructed while some are being planned to be constructed. For analysis of gravity dams, conventional approach, based on the laws of statics, is being widely used, being simple in conception. This approach of analysis does not take into account the elastic properties of dam and foundation material, the geology of the foundation and the dam foundation interaction. The results obtained by this approach are, thus very conservative and distribution of the stresses, strains and displacements developed within the body oft he dam and the foundation are not obtained.

With the advent of digital computers, numerical technique like finite element method is mostly used for carrying out the rigorous analysis of dam section with foundation. By considering the material properties of dam as well as foundation, the finite element method yields realistic results. It has been revealed by many researchers that the foundation rock plays a major role in designing a dam. Often the geological medium below the dam is not uniform but consists of number of zones of various deformation modulii, resulting in stress concentration in certain region of the dam as well as in the foundation. In the finite element discretization, normally the depth below the foundation considered in the analysis is kept equal to the height of the dam and width of foundation equal to three times the width of dam at foundation level, but incase of non-uniform geological medium, sometimes this range is not sufficient and therefore the dam has to be analysed for large foundation depths and widths. The paper presents, in-brief, the parametric study carried out for 150 m high non-overflow concrete dam section for end of construction condition.

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