Workplace Violence Prevention Policy

The purpose of this document is to create and maintain a safe workplace free from violence by establishing guidelines that prohibit violent behavior and provide support and protection for victims. In compliance with the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 which obligates employers to maintain a workplace free of recognized hazards and in recognition that a secure environment that is free from physical as well as emotional threats is more healthier and more productive, [Employer] has developed and implemented the following policy for all personnel.

The prohibited actions and sanctions applies to all employees, full-time or part-time and all contracted or temporary workers, regardless of the target of the aggression, whether it be other coworkers, clients or customers, the employee's relations or the public at large.

The Answer to Workplace Violence (available in full paper).


Workplace Violence includes, but is not limited to, physical attacks, intimidation, stalking behavior, threats, domestic violence or damage to property.


Includes all on-site locations, buildings and facilities, including parking areas, all company property, and off-site locations where employees engage in company business.

Threat is any expression of intent to inflict physical and emotional harm, regardless if it is spoken, written or recorded in any format.

Physical Attack is unwanted or hostile physical contact such as hitting, fighting, pushing, shoving or throwing objects.

Domestic Violence is the pattern of abusive behaviors meant to control the victim. This may include the use of violence, threats and intimidation, between people who have an ongoing or prior intimate relationship. This may include people, who previously have been or currently are married, living together or dating, regardless of heterosexual or same-sex relationships.

Property Damage is intentional damage to property and includes property owned by the [Employer] or its employees, visitors or vendors.

Awareness and Education

[Employer] will strive to provide education on workplace violence to all employees. The policy will be made available to all employees and be included in all new employee orientation. Training will be made available to supervisors on how they can identify potential signs of violent behavior as well as their subsequent responsibilities.


Employees who witness or suspect any acts of workplace violence should notify their supervisor, human resources personnel or any member of management about their concerns. Victims of domestic violence are encouraged to seek support from management and the local domestic violence service provider.

If any employee has reason to suspect that violence may come to the workplace, from any source, they should notify management or any supervisor as the soonest possible moment. If violence is imminent, they should contact law enforcement (or security) and then a supervisor immediately afterwards.

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