Increase your impact while conveying your next safety message. In an entirely new presentation, you will discover the techniques that the best communicators around the world use to make their presentations effective. You will learn the secrets to increase participation in your meetings and your safety process. This session will give you the skills to motivate employees to achieve a higher level of commitment to safety.

Free Life-Saving Information

Let's face it! First, we are in one very strange business. We have information that we know will save lives and yet we have to beg people to listen or do what we teach them. It is so backwards from the rest of the world of information and education. Day after day, people spend thousands of dollars attending seminars that they believe will improve their life. These could be on making money or better investments or how to have a better marriage. On the other hand, if someone in the safety business held a seminar on how to do a job safely and charged an admission price the room would likely be empty. What is wrong here and what is the missing element?

Communication Skills

I have had the privilege of interviewing many safety professionals and members of their audiences. Also, I have been in the audience of many a presenter. The content is rarely the problem. The information they are giving is life-changing and often, if followed, life-saving. Yet, audience member after audience member is having trouble staying awake or getting excited about what they are learning. One of the key problems is training. The safety person has been trained in safety, and many of them have come from the trades to which they are teaching safety. They know their job in the plant or in the field but now they have stepped into a new role, the role of trainer, teacher, and speaker. How much training have they received in this area? Probably not much since they were required to stand in front of a class in high school and give a report. Add to this, the fact that many people are uncomfortable in front of an audience. Everywhere I go, people perceive the problems they are having are quite often communication issues. Given this, it always amazes me that little or no time, effort, and money is invested to improve the communication skills of those in the workplace. Even if someone doesn't give presentations, improving their communication skills would improve their performance.

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