"Mobile devices are the gateways to all human knowledge" --Dr. Isabel Perry

Research shows that Americans spend an estimated $70 billion dollars a year in corporate training. Unfortunately, 70% of new information is forgotten within 24 hours. There is a solution for retention of information. Research shows that the highly interactive process of employee engagement with mobile learning has proven to increase exam scores from the fiftieth to the seventieth percentile, and cut the dropout rate in technical fields by 22 percent.

What you are about to read will address these issues and provide some options for consideration. Be forewarned that everything is changing quickly in the world of mobile learning. By the time you read this, (written early 2016), new solutions have risen from the horizon and more are arriving at a rapid pace. Technology and new learning solutions are on a rapid trajectory. Combine this with recent research in brain science and learning retention can increase dramatically with new interventions.

Mobile Learning is a Topic of International Interest

By late 2015, more than 40 percent of all humans had access to the internet. Worldwide, 80 percent of the 3 billion internet users owned a smartphone and 47 percent owned a tablet. By 2019, more than half of all devices connected to the mobile network are projected to be smart devices

By late 2015, 30 percent of smartphone users had used a phone to take a class or access educational content and the trend shows no sign of slowing: Manufacturers shipped seven times as many mobile phones as personal computers in 2015. Training and Development magazine listed mobile learning as one of six trends that will change the workplace forever.

The comparison of the worldwide market of mobile learning is changing at a rapid clip. In the 2010 market, the US was the top mobile learning buying country, followed by Japan, South Korea, the UK, China, and Taiwan. By 2015, the top buying countries will be the US, China, India, Japan, Indonesia, and Brazil, respectively. However, the countries with the highest growth rates (all over 60%) are China, India, and Indonesia. In the last 5 years mobile learning has become a worldwide phenomenon.

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