Today's most successful companies look for their leaders to be active Business Partners regardless of their actual title. Moving beyond a focus on your area of expertise to a more comprehensive BUSINESS leadership role can be daunting.

When it comes to careers, people never plan to fail, but many fail to plan. Their careers seem to go on autopilot. This interactive presentation will guide the attendees through the process of planning for and becoming a Safety Business Partner.

Although instructional to all levels, this paper will focus on the professional who is already in a role that is responsible for the entirety of a Safety or EHS function on a site, region or corporate level and is seeking to move their career to a full business impact position. We will cover: What is a Business Partner and why do companies seek them over Functional Managers for leadership roles? What makes a Business Partner different than a Manager/Director? And finally: How to get there?

Why do companies seek business partners over managers for leadership roles?

The answer, simply stated, is: efficiency, accountability and profitability. Large, successful organizations have learned one lesson from small business success in their Leadership teams, and that is that the right partner will make or break you. A Business Partner does not exchange time for a pay check. They are someone who is heavily invested in the success of the business, both financially and emotionally. They do not think of themselves an employee, but a partner.

In today's world of Employment at Will, layoffs and job changing, getting key employees to this level of commitment at a large organization can be challenging. However, when done properly, the effect on shareholder value is increased far and above that of their competitors. The secret, though, is it is completely in the employee's control to get there, regardless of what the company does or doesn't do.

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