The Aon/LEGO Partnership

Aon was named as the LEGO Group's broker on January 1, 2005, and provides global risk management consulting, property/casualty brokerage and daily service to the LEGO Group worldwide. Aon's office in Copenhagen, Denmark is the controlling office for the LEGO Group's worldwide insurance program, and Aon in the United States of America is a "receiving office," handling the US local portion of the globally placed insurance programs. In addition to servicing the US portion of the globally placed insurance programs, Aon also brokers and services the compulsory Automobile and Workers' Compensation programs in the USA. Liberty Mutual is the insurer partner for the casualty program, providing risk transfer and claims services.

In the eleven years that Aon has been their broker, the LEGO Group's risk profile in the USA has evolved from manufacturing to retail and distribution. This is mainly a result of the movement of US manufacturing operations from Enfield, Connecticut to Monterrey, Mexico. The LEGO Group continues to maintain a corporate campus in Enfield, Connecticut.

LEGO® Safety and Risk Management

Just as the LEGO company has continued to expand - so has the Risk Management (RM) and Health and Safety functions. Despite the LEGO Group's reputation as a well-known international toy company, both Risk Management and Health and Safety are in their "adolescent period" each with "some more growing to do!" Nine years ago, on the Enfield campus, Risk Management split off from Finance to reside in the Legal Department. Subsequently, Health and Safety began a transition from a manufacturing focus to a marketing focus when production left the Enfield campus. This re-invention of Health and Safety was further expanded to support not only administrative functions, but also the rapidly-growing LEGO Brand Retail presence in North America.

However the beginnings, there has always been an overlap of "hands on" Risk Management into Health and Safety and vice versa; for each provides necessary input to the other, and neither can work in a vacuum. The company's stakeholders understand that by protecting and empowering the people and partners of our company, the brand is protected in a genuine, natural way. The LEGO Group prides itself on values established long ago by the founder, Ole Kirk Kristiansen, and moves forward, faithful to our founder's guiding spirit, that "Only the best is good enough."

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