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The paper and presentation will examine the historical development of the Standard over time and will demonstrate - via The Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle (PDCA) - how ISO 45001 will drive business excellence by integrating OSH risk management into the overall business framework in such a way that OSH risk management (OSHRM) becomes part of the normal business processes of the organisation and second nature i.e., Built In, not Bolted On!

The process is one of evolution, not revolution, as the Standard provides a template that focuses on the positive aspects of effective business management, such as: Leadership; Planning; Support Mechanisms; Operational Management; Performance Evaluation and Continuous Improvement.

The key parts of the Standard will be examined, and the presentation will highlight the PDCA cycle, and the goodness of fit between OSHRM systems and an overall business excellence model. The implementation of ISO 45001 into organisations will not only improve OSHRM, but will also enhance the way organisations conduct their operations. Accredited businesses will have a leading edge over their competitors which in turn results in business excellence, whilst not-for-profit organisations can be reassured that the management of their OSH risks will improve their operations and reduce the risks to their workers.

Globally figures from the International Labour Organisation show there are annually:

  • 2.3 million people killed by work accidents and disease

  • 6,300 workplace deaths per day (one every 15 seconds)

  • 313 million non-fatal work accidents

  • 160 million people with occupational disease

Clearly more needs to be done to reduce worker deaths, injuries and occupational ill-health, and the clear way forward is to adopt and implement a business focussed and integrated health and safety management system. The new ISO 45001 Standard will assist the global awareness of this business focussed and integrated approach, which will support the drive towards business excellence, coupled with other key business management methods.

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