Demands on the Oil & Gas industry are driving continual improvement in Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) performance, which in turn the business performance of an organization. The use of various hand-held or hand-guided power tools and machines powered tools is one of the essential prerequisites of any industry and fundamental business requirement in today's industry operations. Though the hand-held or hand-guided power tools and machines cannot be separated from human beings during execution of various works, however, the risks from these tools shall not be overlooked.

Like other industrial hazards, hazards of hand-held or hand-guided power tools may affect the employee health and thereby company's HSE Performance. Hazards from these tools poses serious threat to human beings, serious social problems, bringing adverse effects on the quality of life, which is not only an organizational concern but also an important national/social issue.

Many employers recognize that their workers have some degree of exposure to hand-arm vibration (HAV) / whole body vibration (WBV). It is essential that every organization handling such activities shall have guidelines and procedures to address these hazards and other injuries associated with vibration exposure. Vibration hazards, if not properly identified, managed and controlled, can lead to serious and debilitating injuries and illnesses including hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS).

Hand-arm vibration (HAV) / whole body vibration (WBV) can be considered as widespread hazard for employees in many industries and occupations. HAV exposure at work can arise from the use of hand-held power tools (such as grinders or hammer drills), hand-guided machinery (such as lawnmowers and plate compactors) and hand-fed machines (such as pedestal grinders). Prolonged and regular exposure to this vibration can affect the operator's health. However, the risks from vibration can be controlled and employees can be protected from ill health caused by vibration. To protect employees and to comply with the Vibration Regulations, employers need to assess the risks from vibration and plan to be drawn/made how to control them.

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