Paper Scope and Focus

This paper will attempt to address and focus on four areas:

  • The fall hazards present when using an aerial lift.

  • A discussion of the improper methods of fall protection used in industry today.

  • A review of the OSHA standards in force that guide us in selecting the proper fall protection methods for the different hazards that we encounter.

  • Identify the proper method to use for fall protection when operating an aerial lift.

Basic Questions that Need to Be Answered before We Get Started

  • What is "Fall Protection" by definition?

  • Answer: "Fall" is the act of falling, or to drop. "Protect" is to shield from injury.

  • How do we "protect from falls" in Construction Operations?

  • Answer: There are many options that need to be applied…the key is selecting the correct method for each situation that places us in an exposure to a fall.

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