Improvements to contractors' HSE standards and performance can be ensured by continuous monitoring and review of their HSE performance. To achieve this, an objective HSE Performance Evaluation (HPE) framework is necessary & essential. Although there are various conventional methods of HSE performance evaluation are available in the industry; however, a more comprehensive HPE framework with pertinent HSE parameters will aid to systematic monitoring approach. In line with this, a comprehensive HPE framework, which takes into account all HSE parameters pertinent to a contracting organization (Business Partner) and its project, has been developed & followed at West Kuwait Directorate (one of three main important assets of Kuwait Oil Company (KOC). Such kind of approach and analysis give better insight and will give an opportunity to Subject Matter Experts (SME's) of the organization to deliver appropriate & effective professional outcome out of it. In this HSE Performance Evaluation, the pertinent factors are critically analyzed, recorded the compliance & deviations w.r.t. the applicable procedures / standards, prepared "SWOT analysis" and suggested the appropriate recommendations appropriate to the risk-based gaps besides benchmarking. This analytical framework of HSE Performance Evaluation (HPE) model can be applied for all business partners, which would facilitate the benchmarking process.


Role of Contractors (Business Partners) in industrial development especially in oil & gas sector is very vital. Industrial sector cannot develop with the current growing demand without the assistance of proper contracting agencies. The contractors are key players in the sustainable oil & gas sector projects from predesign and design, through construction and commissioning & project closeout. They also provide immense support in operation & maintenance of some production facilities also.

In this context a question arise in our mind that, how do the performance (especially on HSE compliance) of a contractor is monitored effectively? Our Company's procedure prescribes some of the monitoring processes to ensure HSE compliance / performance of the contractors through Management Site Verification Visits (SVV's), Leadership HSE Visits, audits, etc. In order to bring the effectiveness of these monitoring tools, HSE West Kuwait (WK) team of KOC had done brainstorming exercise critically and developed a pragmatic method of HSE Performance Evaluation (HPE) framework for all contractors working under WK Directorate. It is not only an analysis, but also goes beyond doing the analytical study of the strength, weakness, with prevailing threats & available opportunities for each of the contractor and suggests remedial measures for improvement.

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