Multiphase flow behaviour constitutes a key driver for field layout optimization and production optimization. Therefore, numerical tools such as multiphase flow simulators have been implemented to analyse production data. FlowManager® is such a tool developed by TechnipFMC. The physical models in this tool have recently undergone validation and improvement. These were benchmarked against real-fluid experiments from IFPEN and the performance is similar to other flow assurance simulators. Finally, the simulator was prototyped on IFPEN's hydrate experimental loop. The tool was tuned to fit pressure drop and heat transfer data before being used as a base line for detecting hydrate formation.


Over the past years successful production system design and operations have become more and more challenging since important flow assurance risks need to be tackled concurrently with CAPEX and OPEX reductions. Detailed understanding of the multiphase flow behaviour allows for better production management and optimization from the reservoir to the process facilities.

Accurate steady state and transient simulations are essential for feasibility studies and field design since they predict system dynamics such as time-varying changes in flow rates, fluid compositions, temperature, solids deposition and operational changes. In addition, field production monitoring with dynamic simulations is important in deep water and is used extensively in both offshore and onshore developments to investigate transient behaviour in pipelines and wellbores.

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