It is a privilege for me to serve as Chairman of the Technical Advisory Committee. On behalf of BHR Group and the Organizing Committee, I would like to welcome you to BHR Group's 8th North American Conference on Multiphase Technology in Banff, Canada. Once again, we have a very diverse International delegation representing International and National Oil and Gas Operators, Service and Consulting Companies, Equipment Manufacturers, and Software Developers. The delegation includes multiple generations reflecting a thriving community of multiphase flow technology experts. I keep the attendee lists of past BHR Group conferences. I have recently looked through the lists. The lists include many legends and talented people who have helped shape not only the advancement of the science and technology of multiphase flow but also have contributed to Society at large by enabling new hydrocarbon resources through technological advancements. I am honored to present, one of the legends of our industry, Dr. Dendy Sloan as our Keynote Speaker for this conference. Dr. Sloan is Professor Emeritus of Chemical Engineering at the Colorado School of Mines. He is the foremost authority in the Hydrates field. Hydrates are considered as one of the important flow assurance problems, if not the most, to be managed in Multiphase Production. Professor Sloan will share his knowledge and wisdom with a talk titled "Developing acomprehensive understanding and model of hydrate in multiphase flow: From laboratorymeasurements to field applications". This conference and its counterpart, BHR Group's Multiphase Production Technology Conferences held in Europe every other year, have been the most educational, intellectually stimulating, and technically fulfilling conferences serving our industry since 1983. I certainly hope that most of you agree with me. One can see the evolution of our industry through BHR Group's Multiphase Production Technology conferences.

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