Interfacial wave characteristics have been studied experimentally in stratified-wavy configuration for air-oil two-phase flow at Tulsa University Fluid Flow Projects (TUFFP) 6-inch low pressure flow loop. Flow rates of each test fluid are adjusted such that the superficial gas and liquid velocities vary between 9.2 m/s ≤ VSG ≤ 15 m/s and m/s ≤ VSL ≤ 0.02 m/s, respectively, in horizontal pipe configuration.

The time-averaged values of the liquid holdup obtained with the wire-mesh sensor are, in overall, good agreement with the measurements via the quick closing valves. The mean value of the wetter pipe perimeter is found to decrease with increasing vSG at a constant vSL. The wave celerity is observed to increase with vSG and vSL. Pseudo 3-D visualization of the interface topology and the analyses on the signals reveal wetted pipe perimeter and liquid film height vary out-of-phase with each other. The wave frequency is found to be sensitive to the changes in vSG for vSL = 0.02 m/s.

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