In rough sea conditions, a large mass of water will exceed the freeboard and cause violent slamming on the deck, which is known as green water. Many scholars have devoted themselves to the study of green water because of its strong destructiveness. Upon considering the complexity of green water, different simplified methods have been used to study its mechanism and loads. This paper investigates green water loads and patterns on a fixed structure using the meshless particle solver MLParticle-SJTU, which is based on the moving particle semi-implicit (MPS) method. A serial rapid flowstructure interaction was generated by the wet dam-break method. The experimental study by Hernández-Fontes et al. in 2020 investigated vertical loads of green water, and the numerical work by Areu-Rangel et al. in 2021 continued to study horizontal loads. In this paper, the study was extended by analyzing the effects of different gate release velocities on the generated wave patterns and green water loads. The results obtained in this paper were in good agreement with the existing results. Moreover, the influence of different gate release speeds on the green water simulation was analyzed.

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