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Int. J. Offshore Polar Eng. 33 (03): 307–315.
Paper Number: ISOPE-23-33-3-307
Published: 15 September 2023
... rich metal mineral resources, oil, natural gas hydrate, etc., which can be of many types, be found in huge reserves and high grades, and have great prospects for development and utilization (Lusty and Murton, 2018). A deep-sea mining system is an integrated unit of mining vessel, pipe, and mining...
Journal Articles
Journal Articles
Int. J. Offshore Polar Eng. 33 (02): 196–203.
Paper Number: ISOPE-23-33-2-196
Published: 01 June 2023
... when it is buried in a simplified fine porous domain, when an oscillating groundwater table, forced by regular waves, filters into a draining pipe. The model used was the OpenFOAM® solver IHFOAM, which solves the volume-averaged Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes equations to simulate flow through fine...
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Int. J. Offshore Polar Eng. 32 (04): 463–472.
Paper Number: ISOPE-22-32-4-463
Published: 01 December 2022
...Minh Le; Mamadou Ahmed-Kogri; Richard Stableford; Eric Giry _ In this paper, a numerical model is proposed for mechanically lined pipe (MLP). Laser-based scanning techniques were used to capture local straining of the liner and digital imaging correlation of the backing steel outer during simulated...
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Int. J. Offshore Polar Eng. 32 (04): 473–479.
Paper Number: ISOPE-22-32-4-473
Published: 01 December 2022
... bearing capacity of an obliquely loaded pipeline on a clayey seabed obeying the Tresca criterion. For a wished-in-place pipeline, the failure mechanisms and the corresponding pipe-soil interface conditions are proposed for the vertical and the lateral instability mode separately. Based on the derived slip...
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Int. J. Offshore Polar Eng. 32 (01): 114–122.
Paper Number: ISOPE-22-32-1-114
Published: 01 March 2022
... covers a gap analysis and was concluded in 2016. Areas that require further research were identified and subsequently included in EPRG’s research road map. An important gap is the absence of a reliable and valid limit-state formulation for local buckling of thick-walled pipe when loaded by a combination...
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Int. J. Offshore Polar Eng. 31 (04): 385–394.
Paper Number: ISOPE-21-31-4-385
Published: 01 December 2021
... and technology of automatic ship-pipe-buffer-link-control with a self-propelled, automatic track-keeping miner or mining vehicle. Introduction and Technical Issues In the early 1970s, while 300-ft (91-m) water depth was treated as “deep water,” the goal of the OMCO-Lockheed commercial mining system...
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Journal Articles
Int. J. Offshore Polar Eng. 29 (01): 78–84.
Paper Number: ISOPE-19-29-1-078
Published: 01 March 2019
...Nima Mohajer Rahbari; J.J. Roger Cheng; Samer Adeeb A rupture of buckled steel pipes on the tensile side of a cross-section is studied in this paper as the most plausible case of ultimate failure for the pressurized buried pipelines under monotonically increasing curvature. Finite element...
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Int. J. Offshore Polar Eng. 28 (04): 380–386.
Paper Number: ISOPE-18-28-4-380
Published: 01 December 2018
... comparison of the simulated and measured transient temperatures versus finite element simulation is shown. Stress analyses of the pipe were carried out using finite element analysis (FEA) simulations with two different clad thicknesses. Results of thermal analysis show a close match, and laboratory tests...
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Int. J. Offshore Polar Eng. 28 (03): 280–286.
Paper Number: ISOPE-18-28-3-280
Published: 01 September 2018
..., for strain-based pipelines. The subjects addressed include selecting the Type B split sleeve as a repair candidate, finite element modeling of the repair, sleeve welding with in-service flow conditions, and full-scale proof testing of three repaired pipes. Introduction Production and delivery of hydrocarbons...
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Int. J. Offshore Polar Eng. 28 (02): 206–211.
Paper Number: ISOPE-18-28-2-206
Published: 01 June 2018
...Jiwoon Yi; Soo-Chang Kang; Hyun-Moo Koh; Jinkyo F. Choo With the advent of higher steel grades for offshore pipelines and the reliance of the UOE forming process on trial and error, knowing the final yield strength of the pipe beforehand would be beneficial in terms of time and cost. However...
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Int. J. Offshore Polar Eng. 27 (03): 232–238.
Paper Number: ISOPE-17-27-3-232
Published: 01 September 2017
...Robert D. Blevins; Charles S. Coughran; Michael E. Utt; Kamaldev Raghavan Significant riser oscillations were observed during deep-water drilling operations. The riser vibrated at frequencies from below to above the rotation speed of the drill pipe. Laboratory tests of a riser section have been...
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Int. J. Offshore Polar Eng. 27 (02): 216–221.
Paper Number: ISOPE-17-27-2-216
Published: 01 June 2017
... section and sagbend section of the pipeline. The overbend section is ignored because of the uncertainty resulting from the combined loadings and the dynamic process during the pipe passing over the stinger. The present paper proposes a novel online monitoring method based on the roller reaction force...
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Int. J. Offshore Polar Eng. 26 (03): 296–303.
Paper Number: ISOPE-16-26-3-296
Published: 01 September 2016
...Aurelien Pepin; Tomasz Tkaczyk; Noel O'Dowd; Kamran Nikbin To meet an increasing demand for conveying corrosive fluids in the subsea oil and gas sector, the authors have proposed a design of mechanically lined pipe (MLP) that enables reel-lay installation under atmospheric pressure without the risk...
Journal Articles
Journal Articles
Int. J. Offshore Polar Eng. 24 (03): 199–205.
Paper Number: ISOPE-14-24-3-199
Published: 01 September 2014
...Henryk Pisarski; Simon Smith; Tyler London A number of codified assessment procedures can be applied to assess the significance of circumferential flaws in pipes, but these are generally stress-based. Efforts have been made to extend these so that they are applicable when the pipe is subject...
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Int. J. Offshore Polar Eng. 23 (01).
Paper Number: ISOPE-13-23-1-063
Published: 01 March 2013
...Gudmund Eiksund; Hans Langø; Frode Hove Offshore pipelines for transport of hot oil and gas are exposed to thermal expansion/contraction during startup of and shutdown of production. A method for controlling the feed-in of pipe to locations with lateral or upheaval buckling is to install berms...
Journal Articles
Int. J. Offshore Polar Eng. 22 (04).
Paper Number: ISOPE-12-22-4-282
Published: 01 December 2012
...Andreas Meissner; Marion Erdelen-Peppler; Tanja Schmidt Reel-laying is a fast and cost-effective method to install offshore pipelines. During reel-laying, repeated plastic strain is introduced into the pipeline which may, in combination with ageing, affect strength and ductility of the pipe...
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