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International Petroleum Technology Conference

Founded in 2005, the International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC) is the flagship multidisciplinary technical event in the Eastern Hemisphere. IPTC is held annually and rotates between Doha, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and venues in the Asia Pacific region.

Most Read Papers

Sponsoring Societies Top Papers

During each society's annual conference, the sponsoring societies proudly presented a collection of exceptional papers that embodied the forefront of research and innovation within their respective fields.

The esteemed list of top papers encapsulated a diverse range of topics, from ground-breaking scientific discoveries to pioneering technological advancements and thought-provoking theoretical frameworks. These papers, meticulously crafted by leading experts and emerging scholars, reflect the rigorous standards and intellectual rigor upheld by our conferences.

SPE papers available through OnePetro

Maximizing Recovery in Deep-Water Gulf of Mexico Assets. Surveillance in Complex Subsalt Reservoirs

A Novel Method to Measure the Phase Behavior of Black Oils: Saturation Pressure and Liquid-Vapor Fractions

Predicting Inter-Well Porosity by Comparing the Breakthroughs of Polymeric and Molecular Tracers

Leveraging Autonomous Moon-based Rovers For Multiple, Near-term Applications In Field Operations

Patented Surface Automatic Valve To Maximize The Recovery Of Light Oil, Condensate, And Gas From Depleted Reservoirs With Minimum Manpower Interaction And Without External Energy

Explore top papers from other sponsoring societies here.


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