Well Integrity Monitoring provides means to protect the people, environment, reputation and assets of oil and gas operations globally. While being a vital tool for preventing safety and economic mishaps in oil and gas wells, it is also one of the primary responsibilities of the Production Engineer. Three examples of technological advancements in the area of real-time data monitoring and intelligent-field visualization systems, which have largely enhanced the capabilities of the Production Engineer to monitor Well Integrity parameters across large fields are presented.

The real-time data monitoring and intelligent-field visualization system functions based on a feedback loop system, which continuously monitors well integrity parameters such as pressure, temperature, voltage and current. The output from the probes installed in the well are passed to a Central Processing Unit where the electrical signal is processed, converted to well integrity parameters and compared with set points. Deviation are recorded and anomalies are flagged off for prompt intervention.

Continuous real-time monitoring of Annuli Pressure, Well Head Pressure and Voltage/Current led to timely identification of Well Head Casing Leak, Failed Well Head Valve and corroded casing respectively in the three cases studied. The most significant new finding is that anomalies in other cases typically take up to one year to identify due to less frequent integrity survey practice adopted in fields where the intelligent-field technology is non-existent. This is important because timely intervention made possible by real-time monitoring systems safeguards corporation assets, reputation and the environment.

The implemented Intelligent Field Remote Surveillance and Monitoring System has shown its significance in optimizing well integrity solutions in large fields, protecting people, enabling prompt intervention and saving the environment.

To achieve this target, collaboration within several departments and organizations is required within an oil company. As such, the concept can only be successful if it is part of the corporate vision and is driven at a high level in any company.

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