Seismic interpretation is the key process to support the evaluation of all petroleum system elements. With traditional interpretation workflow, seismic interpreters have to put a significant effort to ensure that interpreted reflection does tie at the intersecting lines. Since correcting seismic interpretation mis-tie is tedious, repetitive, and time-consuming, we have developed an in-house python toolkit to automatically identify and correct the interpretation mis-tie.

To identify seismic interpretation mis-tie, first, we will loop over interpreting line intersections and extract the values of interpreted horizon near each intersection. Then, the statistical distributions of interpreted horizon from each interpreting line will be compared. Interpretation agreement will be justified based on the proximity of derived distributions. If their medians are closer than the averaged standard distribution, such locations will be classified as valid interpretations; otherwise, they will be marked as potential mis-ties. Eventually, identified mis-ties will be corrected to the new location suggested by interpolation of valid interpretation nearby.

The toolkit has been validated and used to correct seismic interpretation from PTTEP oil fields onshore Thailand. The results are satisfying as the tool can correct most interpretation mis-tie errors in a few minutes, while manual correction would take up to a few weeks. Furthermore, we have assessed the volumetric difference from the maps with and without mis-tie correction. The result shows that the preliminary interpretation with remaining mis-ties yields 9.02% less gross rock volume (GRV) than the actual GRV from the final mapping. Meanwhile, the resulting map from the automated mis-tie correction yields 2.93% different from the actual GRV. By reducing volumetric uncertainty, the automated interpretation mis-tie corrector could lead to better decision-making on block evaluation/acquisition, well planning, and field development.

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