The volumetric capacity of drill pipe is critical information needed to optimize drilling operations. Currently, this is estimated using the nominal product dimensions which do not account for manufacturing variation or loss of material after use among other factors. For example, tolerances of the as-rolled wall thickness and outer diameter of manufactured tubulars can vary from nominal approximately ±5% and +1% to −0.5%, respectively, while tool joints are fully machined to high accuracy. By understanding and properly managing the volumetric capacity of drill pipe, drilling engineers can help to ensure the safety and efficiency of the drilling process. We present a method using data captured by non-destructive methods to determine the volumetric capacity of drill pipe more accurately, specifically fluid capacity, fluid displacement and adjusted weight per foot. We conclude the fluid capacity for a 15,000 ft drill string comprised of 5.5 in OD 0.415 in wall thickness 24.70# drill pipe is 304.5±8.5 bbl with a fluid displacement of 156.0±1.5 bbl and an adjusted weight per foot of 28.6±0.3 lbft.

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