Aiming at the prefabricated caisson foundation of the planned three tower cable-stayed bridge with a main span of 2×1500m in Qiongzhou Strait, the hydrodynamic parameters and frequency response curves of the prefabricated foundation are obtained by frequency domain analysis, and a simplified analysis model of the dynamic characteristics of the mooring system is established, which can be used for the simplified analysis of the dynamic characteristics of the mooring system. According to the marine environment parameters calculated and analyzed in the waiting stage and sinking stage of the prefabricated foundation, a mooring system of prefabricated foundation positioning and sinking is designed, and a calculation case of mooring control analysis is presented. Its calculated accuracy meets to the relevant requirements of DNV and other specifications.


As the bridges are constructed from inland to the open sea, the water depth of bridge engineering has grown from less than 10m to more than 20m or even 50m, and the scale of bridge foundations has become increasingly large, the design ideas and construction techniques have also changed, and deep-water foundations have been more adopted. The overall design idea is to develop towards the large-scale and integrated structure, the factory prefabrication of construction technology and the mechanization of site construction. The prefabricated sunken foundation is well integrated fast construction, and less affection by site conditions. It has been more and more widely used in deep-water bridge foundation.

The structure of the prefabricated sunken foundation has the characteristics of large plane size and heavy weight, and generally adopts the overall transportation and installation process. The bridges with prefabricated sunken foundations are all located in large rivers or straits. Their construction is greatly affected by waves and currents. Especially in the deep waters of the straits with harsh sea conditions. It is difficult to ensure the construction safety and positioning accuracy during the construction window period of good sea conditions. Therefore, in the process of the prefabricated foundation positioning and sinking, it is necessary to control its movement with the help of a safe and reliable positioning mooring system to ensure the construction safety and positioning accuracy of the foundation.

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