Floating marine structures are constantly exposed to the variable impacts of waves; currents; winds; drifting ice and generally operate in hard conditions. The problem of choosing the parameters of the mooring system that ensure the highest structure safety in the process of its use arises every time during marine floating anchored structures design or during its positioning in a water area.

A variant of the formulation of the problem of optimization the mooring system for floating anchored structure in survival mode is proposed in this research. It allows to find an optimal solution for the main parameters of the anchor mooring system. A method for solving the problem of multiparametric optimization of the mooring system is proposed; which is implemented by using software products that models the marine floating structures dynamic under environmental loads.

This article describes the restrictions imposed on the behavior of an anchored structure in survival mode; formulates safety criteria for a floating anchored structure; offers criterion for optimizing of the mooring system and additional restrictions that should be taken into account during optimization process. The stated methodology is implemented in the software package that allows modeling the behavior of offshore floating anchored structures in the time domain under the loads of wind; current; waves and ice.


Currently; there is a tendency of developing of the mineral resources of the World Ocean due to the depletion of raw materials on land. Floating platforms are often used for the development of the offshore fields. They are held by anchor mooring systems; which are installed at depths measured in tens or hundreds of meters.

To meet the world's energy needs; there has been taken a lot of interest in the development of the offshore wind turbine technology in recent years; as the global offshore wind energy resources are large. In many countries there are a limited number of suitable shallow water areas for placing of the economically viable; fixed wind power structures.

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