The measuring precision of the velocity plays an important role in the motion control system. This paper proposes a high-precision underwater velocity measurement system based on a mechanical velocity measurement device and the Kalman filter algorithm; which can effectively increase the precision and reliability of underwater velocity measurement. The proposed system consists of three steps: 1) Design a reliable mechanical velocity measurement device to increase the reliability of the application in the underwater environment; 2) Reasonable data sampling method; dual-sensor asynchronous sampling to increase the sampling frequency; 3) Advanced data processing algorithms to eliminate noise and predict data to improve real-time performance. Through a large number of simulation experiments; we have proved the proposed high-precision underwater velocity measurement system; including the reliability of equipment and the accuracy of velocity measurement. Our proposed measurement system is promising for advancing the state of the control of complex underwater systems.


With the increasing demand for marine resources in the world; the research and development of offshore platforms have become the focus of research in various countries. Underwater platform as a complex system has the characteristics of high integration; including a variety of complex motion mechanisms and actuators. Scientists focus on how to accurately control the motion of these mechanisms along the way they are supposed in the complex environment. The closed-loop feedback structure is often used in motion control strategies; so how to obtain high-precision motion parameters of these mechanisms as feedback data is the purpose of this article. Velocity is one of the core control parameters; and its measurement accuracy has a significant influence on the control effect of the system(Gianluca Antonelli; 2000). Therefore; this paper studies an underwater high-precision velocity measurement system to ensure the high-precision measurement of the dynamic module which is running on the track in the complex underwater environment.

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