The mining technology of deep-sea polymetallic nodules and other mineral resources has received more attention from scholars at home and abroad. The path planning of deep-sea mining vehicles is an essential link in the mining of mineral resources. Proper path planning is vital to the safety and economy of seabed mining operations. Vital. In this paper, the mining vehicle is regarded as a mass point. The grid method is used to establish a submarine environment model without considering the vehicle's motion state. Then the traditional ant colony algorithm is adjusted to the initial pheromone. When combined with the artificial potential field method, a kind of environmental information has been proposed-the global path planning method for mining vehicles under the condition of knowledge. Finally, MATLAB is used to simulate the mining vehicle's global path planning based on the potential field ant colony method to verify the feasibility and effectiveness of the method.


The consumption of terrestrial resources is increasing day by day, and deep-sea resources are bound to become the best choice for humanity's future energy. The deep-sea seabed is rich in mineral resources, with many types, huge reserves, high grades, and high development and utilization prospects. Among them, deep-sea polymetallic nodules rich in manganese, copper, cobalt, nickel, and other poly metals have attracted much attention. Polymetallic nodules are mainly distributed in the Eastern Pacific CC (Clarion-Clipperton zone), the Peru Basin near North and South America. The Central India Basin 3000- The 6000m deep seafloor(Hein J, Mizell K, Koschinsky A, 2013), with nodules of different sizes, 5-10cm in diameter, and reserves exceeding3x1012 t (Yang Xianhe, Qiu Dingfan.1998), is one of the most attractive mineral resources. Since the 1960s, countries worldwide have developed deep-sea exploration and mining equipment to exploit seabed mineral resources. The mainstream deep-sea mining system includes ore mining equipment, ore transportation equipment, and surface support equipment (Yang Jianmin, Liu Lei, Lv Hainin, Lin Zhongqin.2020), as shown in Fig 1. Deep-sea mining vehicles play an important role in ore mining and ore crushing. A reasonable mining area collection path is an important manifestation of the realization of economy. Path planning is the key to whether the mining vehicle can accurately, safely and completely complete the mining operations.

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