The paper introduces a wind-wave coupling power generation system based on semi-submersible platform and the hydrodynamic performance and power conversion efficiency are considered. The two degree of freedom wave energy module is divided into three processes: single heave, single pitch and coupled motion. The emphasis of the research is that the platform can adjust the load phase between the wind turbine and the wave power generation device through the control system to reduce the motion response of the platform. Through the existing model design scheme, it can meet the requirements of the integration of wave elimination and power generation. It not only achieves the expected power generation efficiency, but also provides good stability and security for the attached platform, which has broad application prospects.


With the rapid development of economy, the demand for energy is increasing. According to the survey data (Drew, Plummer and Sahinkaya, 2009; Yao, Zeng and Wang, 2016), China's oil resources will be depleted by 2040, natural gas will be depleted by 2060, and the proven coal reserves will be used up by 2300. In addition, the combustion of fossil fuel will produce harmful substances which seriously pollute the living environment and endanger lives, such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, inhalable particles and so forth. Therefore, in recent decades, how to effectively and fully utilize all kinds of renewable energy, including wave energy, wind energy, tidal current energy and solar energy, has attracted more and more attention.

As shown in Figure 1, wind energy is a clean energy which has a lot of advantages like safety and reliability, large capacity of single machine, short construction period, etc. and it is relatively friendly to the environment. In recent years, it has been developing rapidly in China, ranking first in the world for four consecutive years. At present, the installed capacity of wind power has reached 128.3 million kilowatts. With the development of wind power generation, the total number of wind turbines on land has reached saturation point. Offshore power generation is a new field of international power generation industry development, and offshore wind farm will become the focus, trend and direction of future development.

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