The article describes the morphometric particularities of first-year ice ridges, comprehensively studied in the Kara and Laptev seas. The distributions of the main morphometric characteristics of ice ridges are given, and the corresponding theoretical approximations are proposed. The connection between the parameters of the ice blocks that make up the sail and other morphometric characteristics of the ice ridge is shown. Empirical relationships between the parameters of the sail and the parameters of the ice ridge are proposed. The particularities of the morphometry of the ice ridges with the largest average consolidated layer thickness are revealed.


Ice ridges are typical large ice features of the freezing seas, on the shelf area of which various types of economic activities are carried out. Information about the morphometric characteristics of ice ridges is necessary to assess the possible ice load in the design of offshore structures. To obtain adequate estimates of the morphometric parameters of ice ridges in a particular water area, it is desirable to conduct a comprehensive field study of ice features in this area for several years. However, this is not always possible due to high financial costs. Therefore, it is especially important to establish and assess the relationship between various morphometric parameters. Fig. 1 shows a diagram of a cross-section of an ice ridge with the main morphometric parameters.

This article is a continuation of the studies of the morphometry and internal structure of first-year ice ridges presented in the works (Guzenko et al, 2020 a, 2020 b). In the spring periods of 2014-2017, 104 annual ice ridges were studied in various regions of the Kara and Laptev Seas. Fig. 2. demonstrates the study areas. Studies in regions I-IV were carried out on drifting ice, and ice ridges of the Khatanga Bay (region V) were located on landfast ice, in relatively shallow water. For each ice ridge, information on its external morphometric parameters (sail and keel dimensions, total thickness), characteristics of the internal structure (consolidated layer, porosity, position and size of ice layers of different densities and cavities), parameters of the ice blocks of the sail was obtained. There was a lack of data for some ice ridges, but it was sporadic.

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