The present study investigates the effect of focused wave on floating offshore wind turbine platform based on open source toolbox OpenFOAM. The focused waves are generated based on the Pierson-Moskowitz spectrum in the waves2Foam toolbox; the multiphase solver waveFoam developed based on interFoam in OpenFOAM and kOmegaSST turbulent model are used to solve viscous, incompressible, multiphase flows, where PIMPLE algorithm is adopted to deal with the velocity-pressure coupling; the dynamic mesh technique is utilized to realize the 6-DOF (six degrees of freedom) motion of semi-submersible platform; moreover, the waves2Foam mooring module, viz., a static catenary model, is embedded into OpenFOAM to implement the analysis of mooring line connected with the floating platform. A comparative study of CFD simulation and model test is conducted, including focused wave test, static equilibrium test, free decay test, platform dynamic response and mooring line tension and the comparisons show good consistency. The test cases considered in this study are those proposed in the 1st FOWT Comparative Study.


As an important composition of renewable energy, wind energy has been the subject of widespread interest and attention due to the continued development of wind power. To further tap into wind energy resources in the ocean, wind farm construction is gradually expanding from offshore to deep sea locations, driven by advancements in wind power technology. Floating offshore wind turbine (FOWT) platform is a common form of wind power foundation in deep sea environment due to their ability to adapt to complex marine conditions. However, FOWTs are more susceptible to experiencing extreme wave conditions in deep sea areas, which can potentially cause platform destruction and mooring line breakage. The study of the hydrodynamic characteristics of FOWT platforms under extreme sea wave conditions is of great significance for platform design and application.

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