The present study provides details on the power capture performance of TALOS WEC based on PTO system parameters. Considering that only surge, heave and pitch modes of motions are directly coupled to the incident sea waves. Hence, the model is defined to be a 3 DOF model. The PTO system is modelled by using ideal elements. The study focuses on surge, heave and pitch modes. The objective of the study is to evaluate the power capture performance of the system and it is shown that the system performs well for sea states with Hs of 2 meters or higher.


There has been an increasing interest in renewable energy systems especially after each fossil fuel based energy crisis and related economic issues. Especially in the last few decades, a number of serious cases have been observed and there appears to be more and more is coming. In addition, there is an increasing world-wide concern about global warming and related environmental consequences. It appears that there is an urgent need for development of environmentally friendly renewable energy systems before it is too late.

Some of the renewable energy systems, such as wind and solar energy, have reached a certain level of maturity and considerable level of installed capacity worldwide. Hence, the next target is to get wave energy to such levels to ensure that most of the environmentally friendly renewable sources are utilized to an extent. It is worth noting that the wave energy is actually a concentrated form of wind energy that is generated by the solar radiation absorbed by the oceans and seas. The world-wide potential of wave energy is estimated to be high enough to provide a high portion of the energy used globally (Weiss et al., 2018; Shao et al., 2022; Robertson, 2022). In fact, the global wave energy related resource appears to be huge with estimates ranging from 17,500 TWh (Thorpe, 1999) to 26,000 TWh (Mørk et al., 2010) and from 8,000 to 80,000 TWh (Iancu et al., 2010).

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