With the development of the offshore wind turbine technology, the offshore wind turbine is going to deeper waters, and the scale of the offshore wind turbine is becoming larger, in which case the numerical computation of aerodynamic performances of large-scale floating offshore wind turbines is becoming more and more important. In this paper, NREL offshore 5-MW baseline wind turbine of the Phase II of the Offshore international Code Comparison Collaboration Continuation (OC4) project has had been selected as the object as its detailed data and widely concern, the multiple reference frame(MRF) method based on open source code OpenFOAM is used, the aerodynamic performance of the 5-MW baseline wind turbine under different wind speeds without considering the impact of the floating structure is simulated, and the rotor thrust, torque, pressure coefficient and wake vortex aerodynamic data and flow field information were obtained in detail.

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