Because of the continuous advances in computational fluid dynamics, the use of numerical simulation to assist ship and marine structure hydrodynamic performance prediction has become common. This paper presents a numerical study of the generation and propagation of long- crested wave. ITTC double-parameter wave spectrum is chosen for the study, and the wave spectrum is spilt based on equal-frequency method. The self-developed MPI based in-house code is used for the study. The computations are carried out by a PC cluster. In this study, the finite difference method is used to discretize the partial differential equations, and the conservative level set method is used to capture the free surface. The behavior of the free surface elevation along the basin and over time has been evaluated by time domain waveform comparison with theoretical solutions, frequency domain and statistical analysis. The results obtained for the free surface elevation for numerical wave tank indicated that the numerical model could correctly capture the wave profile. The results in this study show the in-house code is reliable and could be used to simulate the complex 3D wave and flow fields.


At present, there are two kinds of irregular waves studied. One is the long-crested wave, which can be understood as the combination of different regular waves with the same direction. Therefore, in recent years, the simulation of wave environment is mostly aimed at regular wave, and the simulation of long-crested wave is not much. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct more simulation research on long-crested wave.

Numerical wave tank is a very effective method to study wave in recent years. Since the calculation of the numerical wave tank is carried out by computer, the numerical wave tank can save a lot of cost compared with the traditional physics wave tank, and it is also easier to monitor and observe the features of wave. In recent years, many researchers have devoted themselves to the development and construction of numerical wave tank. In this paper, based on self-developed MPI code, the simulation of long-crested wave is carried out by numerical wave tank, so as to have more understanding of irregular waves, and evaluate the reliability of the numerical wave tank developed.

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