This paper studies the application of BIM Technology in the whole life which contains "preliminary planning", "design and planning", "construction" as well as "operation and demolition" of waterway engineering project. According to BIM Revit software, we established the virtual model of ship lock channel, and integrated the engineering construction information with Autodesk software series to build a complete application framework process. The application of BIM Technology in the whole life cycle could promote the efficiency of multi-party collaborative work of engineering projects, and improves the level of informatization and construction management. Therefore, this study has a application prospect in the water transport industry.


According to the definition in "JTS / T198-1-2019 unified standard" for application of information model of water transport engineering, the Whole Life Cycle of the project is the general term of all stages of water transport engineering from planned construction to use termination, including planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance, demolition and other stages. At present, the Whole Life Cycle of the project is under construction management by different departments and units, which is lack of unified standards. The information transmission is not convenient (Zou, 2018). Therefore, CCCC and other design institutes planned to establish the information model of water transport engineering in water transport engineering. It is the digital expression of physical and functional characteristics of water transport engineering, to provide information support for various decisions in the Whole Life Cycle of the project. In order to solve this problem, this project studied the application of BIM Technology of water transport engineering, established the framework of the Whole Life Cycle application platform, provided information-based data model, and realized the transmission of visual and parametric model.

So that the water transport engineering model can be shared and applied in all stages of the project, among all disciplines and interested parties.

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