In this paper various approaches to a modeling medium consisting of an elastic skeleton with gas-filled pores are presented. Classic equations of the poroelasticity model by Biot are cited, with the modifications considering the presence of not only liquid, but also gas in the pores of the medium. Apart from the isothermal models, models including temperature changes and the resulting changes of effective parameters of porous medium are presented. This model can be used in modeling phenomena in soil during underground coal gasification, where as a result of high temperatures water undergoes a phase transition into water vapor.


soils and rocks without the influence of the type of pore fluid. Generally, calculations taking into account pore fluid concernwater. At high temperatures (for instance near generators in the underground coal gasification process) water changes its phase, and consequently its parameters change. In this paper various approaches to modeling porous media will be presented, with skeletons filled not only with liquid, but also gas, and the proposed equations, which, in the authors' opinion, may be the foundation of the model of media partially filled with liquid and gas.

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