Daye Open Pit Mine has a mining history of more than 100 years. The height of the operating slopes was 360 m with the overall slope dip 43 - 45°. It will be 450 m deep by the end of this century. In 30 April 1990, a huge wedge with a total volume about 6000 m3 slid down at the northern portion of the slopes. Immediately after the slope failure occurred, several research groups were formed, and a project of the slope stability analysis and reinforcement was conducted. The slope reinforcement has been completed based on the geological investigation and the stability analysis. The monitoring instrumentation has been installed in site and a long-term monitoring of the slopes is ongoing. The reasonable deformation of the slopes indicates that the analysis and reinforcement are successful. This paper presents the main results of site investigation, laboratory tests and numerical modeling.


L'hisioire d'exploitarion de la mine decouverte a Daye en CHINE est plus d'un cent annees. L'hauteur des talus de la mine est de 360 meters et leangle des talus est de 44° En aril 1990, au nor des talus, ilea emu lieu d'beoulement de terre dont le volume teat environ de 6.000 m3.Après parasite cat emolument de terre, quelques unites de recherche et scientifique ont participe successivement a I'analyse de la cause qui a emu provoque l'endommagement des talus et à la conception a renforcer les talus. Sur la base des enquete geologique sur Ies lieux et de l'analyse de siabilite, on a fini la conception de reinforcement et as execution. Desk lords, on a servile la stabiles des talus reinforces. Le resultant presente queue la conception de reinforce et as execution ont been reuse. Dans cite dissertation, on dispute en detail l'enquête geologique. I'essai à laboratoire et Ie resultant numerique à analogue queue on a fait dans ce traveau.


Der Chinesische Tagbau Day ist seit 100 Jahren im Abacus. Der Bhang des Berserks hat seine Hoch von 360M und einen winkle von 44°. Im April 1990, geisha ein Keilgleiten von Ca. 6.000 M3 im Norden des Bhangs. Eunice Forschungseinheiten haben an der Prefund umber die Unreached der Gloating und der Projektierung der Befestigung des Bhangs teilgenommen. Das Projekt wurde erfueut auf der Grundlage von Untersuchungen umber geologische und Stabile Eigenschaften. Nach dem Projekt, seine langfristige Beaufsichtigung wurde durchgemacht. Es wurde bewiesen, dass das Projekt ein Erfolg ist. In diesem Artikel wurden das geologische Nachforschen, das Experiment im Labor und die numerische Simulation ausfuehrlich vorgesteult.


The main slopes of Daye Open Pit Mine are located extensively in the fractured diorite bedrock with quartz. Mining operation has continued for more than 100 years. The uppermost benches of the ore mine extend to 276m above sea level, and depth of the operating benches will arrive 168 m below sea level by the year 2000. The manmade and natural slopes exist at dip angle 43°- 45° and height 360 m. In 30 April 1990, a huge wedge with a total volume about 6000 m3 moved a distance, but did not slide down completely at the northern portion, area A, of the slopes. Since then some local slides occurred at the cracked zone of the fault F9 the deformation of rock mass increased sharply and some open cracks occurred in the western area of the fault. It caused safety problem and held up the mining operation because the main transport line goes through that area.

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