In order to study the pressure behavior of No. 120207 fully mechanized working face in Yangchangwan coal mine, the rule of the distribution characteristics of lead abutment pressure and the characteristics of roof weighting were studied through numerical modeling and site observation. The results showed that with the increasing of mining height, the scope of abutment pressure is gradually increased, but the peak point pressure is not increased. Compare to the routine mining height workface, the periodic weighting length is shorter and the dynamic factor is bigger.


In recent years, more and more mines adopt the technology of mining with large mining height along with the development of theory and technology on mining with large mining height (Wang 2009). Compared with the traditional mining methods, mining with large mining height has many advantages, such as big output, high efficiency, production concentration and simple working face layout. With the increase of mining height, the activity space and turbulence intensity of overlying strata is very big. The phenomenon of roof dynamic pressure and rib spalling are more frequent. In order to master the law of roof dynamic pressure to prevent malfunction of hydraulic support and reveal the mechanism of rib spalling to acquisitive prevention measures, many scholars have conducted researches on the law of strata behavior and roof control in large mining height fully-mechanized face.

Based on the researches about high production and efficiency technology of Dongpang mine and nearly 10 years mining practice, He Fu-lian put forward the equipment problems of large mining height fully-mechanized technology (He & Qian 1997). According to the measured results of strata behavior of Bulianta mine in Shendong dinggings, Ju Jin-feng and Xu Jia-lin analysed the different law of strata behavior between different mining height in large mining height fully-mechanized face (Ju & Xu 2012). Based on the damage mechanics analysis of overlying strata, Wu Jian researched breakage position and balance structure of overlying strata in large mining height fully-mechanized face and put forward the concept of "pressure vessel" (Hao & Wu 2004).

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