Since January 1993, the Estaleiros Navais de Viana do Castelo (ENVC) Shipyard in Portugal has been engaged in a program of productivity improvement In many other shipyards, the traditional approach has been to select wide-ranging technology projects and to employ large teams of advisors and counterpart managers. The approach here has been to involve key functional areas with wide involvement of yard personnel in driving the program forward. The consultancy team has been small and has acted as a catalyst and advisor on the management of change and the specification and implementation of new technology. The central theme has been the establishment of workstation operations. The emphasis of the project has been in developing a structured approach to productivity improvement through the implementation of "best practice." The objective has not been to implement perceived latest technology, but to adapt the approach to suit local conditions and culture. To date the results have been dramatic and far-reaching. The yard is now adopting a radically new approach to planning and production engineering, to the preparation of production information, and to the organization of work on the shop floor.

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