During the contract design phase of the Strategic Sealift New Construction Program at National Steel and Shipbuilding Company (NASSCO), an innovative Design and Build Strategy was developed to reduce the construction time and cost associated with complex engine rooms. A Concurrent Engineering team was assembled to develop the strategy, and to focus design, planning, material, and production efforts to achieve a highly modular design which allows the installation of the majority of outfit systems and equipment at the more effective Ground Outfit versus Onboard Stage. Due to facility and crane lifting constraints, a modular approach was taken in lieu of the conventional Block Outfit approach. The Design and Build Strategy resulted in rationalized system locations allowing reduced piping, electrical, and ventilation linear footage while supporting a high level of system completion at the module stage. To implement the Design and Build Strategy, a series of cross-functional teams was created to manage the project from contract design through production implementation. This paper describes the process and methods used by NASSCO to design, plan, and construct this modular Engine Room.

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