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J Ship Prod Des (2024)
Paper Number: SNAME-JSPD-08230019
Published: 25 January 2024
... known as blocks. These blocks are individually constructed and subsequently assembled at the final workstation, denoted as the block joining station. Upon completing block fabrication, a deliberate tolerance allowance is retained on the plates to accommodate deformations induced by heat treatment during...
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J Ship Prod Des (2023)
Paper Number: SNAME-JSPD-04220015
Published: 04 October 2023
... deformation, while welding buckling was represented with identical behavior compared with fabrication observation. Actually, there are usually two methods to prevent welding buckling with advanced fabrication. Stiffeners with optimized geometrical features and excellent elasticity moduli were assembled...
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J Ship Prod Des 39 (03): 154–163.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSPD-06220019
Published: 21 August 2023
... be controlled and improved in shipyards, and a reasonable accuracy control plan should be devised to improve the product quality. 27 6 2022 31 5 2023 6 7 2023 21 8 2023 Copyright 2023, The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers marine transportation deformation...
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J Ship Prod Des 39 (01): 1–24.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSPD-02220010
Published: 13 February 2023
... deformation welding metals & mining ship production deformation technology investigation coefficient asia government india government Journal of Ship Production and Design, Vol. 39, No. 1, February 2023, pp. 1 24 httpdx.doi.org/10.5957/JSPD.02220010 Journal of Ship Production and Design...
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Journal Articles
Journal Articles
Journal Articles
J Ship Prod Des 37 (01): 37–44.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSPD-07190038
Published: 17 February 2021
..., wrinkling, and even crack initiation. This problem should be solved in ship production. In this study, cold bending experiments and finite element simulations were performed to analyze the deformation characteristics of curved frames with cutouts. A fabrication method is proposed to control the deformation...
Journal Articles
J Ship Prod Des 36 (02): 143–151.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSPD-2020-36-2-143
Published: 01 May 2020
... on the prediction of cutting and welding deformation based on engineering experience. Its main limitation is that the propagation and accumulation of deviations in the whole building process are neglected. In this article, cutting errors, assembly deviations, welding shrinkages, turnover distortions, and thermal...
Journal Articles
J Ship Prod Des 35 (03): 211–219.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSPD-2019-35-3-211
Published: 01 August 2019
..., heating velocity, and the arrangement of heating line. Previous studies on this, which considered only local shrinkage, produced large errors in the calculation of thick and large curvature plates because the whole deformation was ignored. In this article, new mathematical formulas are proposed...
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J Ship Prod Des 35 (03): 289–296.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSPD-2019-35-3-289
Published: 01 August 2019
... of line heating by an artificial neural network. They also proposed a comprehensive algorithm for automatically curving plate by line heating, and further developed an application system that can simulate the deformation of double-curved plates (Shin et al. 2004a, 2004b). Liu et al. (2006) applied...
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Journal Articles
J Ship Prod Des 35 (02): 103–114.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSPD-2019-35-2-103
Published: 01 May 2019
... reduced on application of TMT to a welding process, reducing the tendency of plate buckling due to welding. In the present work, an artificial neural network (ANN)-based modeling of the TMT process was also carried out to predict the weld-induced out-of-plane deformation for different rates of heat inputs...
Journal Articles
J Ship Prod Des 35 (01): 1–11.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSPD-2019-35-1-1
Published: 01 February 2019
... and verified using experiment results, was used to study the deformation distribution of a plate corresponding to different heating line spacing. This paper presents the results based on a single-torch and multiple-torch process. The deformation distributions in the heating and nonheating regions were analyzed...
Journal Articles
J Ship Prod Des 34 (04): 279–309.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSPD-2018-34-4-279
Published: 01 November 2018
... computational time heating line ship production deformation equation Journal of Ship Production and Design, Vol. 34, No. 4, November 2018, pp. 279 309 httpdx.doi.org/10.5957/JSPD.160030 Journal of Ship Production and Design A Computer Simulation Model for Thermal Forming of Ship and Offshore Structures...
Journal Articles
J Ship Prod Des 34 (03): 181–190.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSPD-2018-34-3-181
Published: 01 August 2018
... heating cannot be readily used for an automated thermal forming system because of a limited range of plates that the method can handle, and undesirable deformation on the boundary such as "over-bending" and buckling when the plate is heated using the computed heating information. Therefore, a lot of man...
Journal Articles
J Ship Prod Des 34 (02): 155–167.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSPD-2018-34-2-155
Published: 01 May 2018
... sources. Oxy fuel gas flame: It is one of the cheapest and readily available heat sources. For obtaining precise control over deformation, there should be ease of control on the amount of heat flux. Poor control of heat flux is obtained from mixed gases (for oxy fuel gas) as it is difficult to control...
Journal Articles
J Ship Prod Des 34 (02): 111–118.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSPD-2018-34-2-111
Published: 01 May 2018
.... The lug width was decided based on the possible width of the tensile stress zone due to the welding of stiffener. The tensioning lugs were heated to a temperature so that the plastic deformation of the lugs are minimized thereby required tensioning of the plate could be achieved. Through...
Journal Articles
J Ship Prod Des 34 (02): 94–110.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSPD-2018-34-2-94
Published: 01 May 2018
... be successfully compensated for by a combination of finite element analysis (FEA) and the displacement adjustment method. The deformation history of a moving plate on each division was simulated while carefully considering the movement toward a contacting boundary. The displacement adjustment iterates...
Journal Articles
J Ship Prod Des 33 (02): 166–177.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSPD-2017-33-2-166
Published: 01 May 2017
...Xuebiao Zhang; Cheng Chen; Jiaqin Li; Yujun Liu In this article, the line heating forming technology by using the moveable induction heating is used to form a concave-type plate. In shipyard, it is necessary to get a bigger contraction deformation at the plate edge for the concave plate. However...

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