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Journal Articles
J Ship Res 67 (03): 213–222.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSR-12220032
Published: 19 September 2023
... of global vibration, local vibration of cabins, and underwater acoustic radiation. Giving consideration to both the computational cost and accuracy, the proposed shell-beam model is appropriate for the calculation of low-medium frequency acoustic radiation of the main structures of underwater vehicles...
Journal Articles
J Ship Res 67 (01): 1–12.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSR-03200020
Published: 06 March 2023
... coefficient spudcan jack-up vessel result show sub-sea system journal asia government japan government force calculation vicinity operation static 0 pressure force tank experiment modeling & simulation distance equation proceedings Journal of Ship Research, Vol. 67, No. 1, March 2023...
Journal Articles
Journal Articles
J Ship Res 66 (04): 315–325.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSR-12200062
Published: 15 December 2022
...Jinhui He; Haibin Zhang; Renchuan Zhu _ Offshore structures floating at sea should use their dynamic positioning (DP) system to maintain position and heading against environmental loads, including wave loads, current loads, and wind loads. It is difficult to calculate environmental loads accurately...
Journal Articles
J Ship Res 13 (01): 53–60.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSR-1969-13-1-53
Published: 14 December 2022
... intelligence coefficient calculation camber equation hydrofoil operation two-dimensional hydrofoil surface froude number effect parabolic-arc camber passenger transportation geometry effect integral equation journal Froude Number Effects on Two-Dimensional Hydrofoils' By G. R. Hough 2 and J...
Journal Articles
J Ship Res 66 (02): 109–126.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSR-03180017
Published: 14 June 2022
... insight to the vessel’s stability characteristics, propulsion, and dynamic loading environment during the attack. In addition, a discussion of possible loss scenarios, informed by both calculation results and inspections of vessel’s hull, is presented. Although the story of what happened to H. L. Hunley...
Journal Articles
J Ship Res 66 (01): 25–53.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSR-12190070
Published: 28 March 2022
... 2020 28 3 2022 strategic planning and management sustainable development social responsibility electrical industrial apparatus project management subsea system optimization problem freight & logistics services sustainability variant calculation ship assessment proceedings...
Journal Articles
Journal Articles
J Ship Res 65 (04): 320–345.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSR-04180018
Published: 23 December 2021
... 12 10 2020 23 12 2021 Copyright 2021, The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers renewable energy calculation ship research reservoir simulation circulation prediction ocean energy effective wake turbine 1 axial distance arrangement month 2020 coefficient...
Journal Articles
J Ship Res 65 (01): 55–61.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSR-05180022
Published: 17 March 2021
...María José Legaz; Sergio Amat; Sonia Busquier Whirling vibration is an important part of the calculations of the design of a marine shaft. In fact, all classification societies require a propulsion shafting whirling vibration calculation giving the range of critical speeds, i.e., free whirling...
Journal Articles
J Ship Res 64 (01): 81–97.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSR-2020-64-1-081
Published: 01 March 2020
... computational burden, the proposed scheme offers "objective" statistical information on a ship's high-run tendency that can be used for benchmarking simpler (approximative) probability calculation schemes. 1. Introduction Current efforts to assess a ship's tendency for abnormal behavior in extreme seas...
Journal Articles
J Ship Res 63 (04): 219–234.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSR-2019-63-4-219
Published: 01 December 2019
... calculation propeller force baltazar Upstream Oil & Gas december 2019 coefficient calculation pressure distribution geometry reservoir simulation prediction open water characteristic propeller correction thrust Kutta condition equation proceedings procedure ducted propeller Journal...
Journal Articles
J Ship Res 63 (04): 283–293.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSR-2019-63-4-283
Published: 01 December 2019
... that are ready for implementation in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solvers using Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) closures. Results from baseline linear RANS closure calculations of a finite square-mounted cylinder with a Reynolds number of 11; 000, based on diameter and freestream velocity, are shown...
Journal Articles
J Ship Res 63 (01): 16–29.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSR-2019-63-1-16
Published: 01 March 2019
... and forces (or moments) are calculated when ships are maneuvering in shallow and narrow channels, when ships are entering locks, or when two ships are encountering or passing each other. These calculations are compared with the benchmark test data published in MASHCON, and the published computational fluid...
Journal Articles
J Ship Res 62 (03): 166–182.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSR-2018-62-3-166
Published: 01 September 2018
...E. Güngör; I. B. Özdemir The acoustical performance of a counter-rotating marine propeller system is computed using the Ffowcs, Williams and Hawkings (FWH) algorithm. The solution procedures, where finite volume computational fluid dynamics calculations were exploited, was validated...
Journal Articles
J Ship Res 62 (02): 77–88.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSR-2018-62-2-77
Published: 01 June 2018
... under extreme cyclic bending. To obtain the nonlinear average stress-average strain relationship (σ-ε curve) of the basic structural element (consisting of a stiffener with its attaching plating) under cyclic in-plane compression and tension, systematic calculations are carried out by using...
Journal Articles
Journal Articles
J Ship Res 61 (02): 75–90.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSR-2017-61-2-75
Published: 01 June 2017
... was constructed for the examination of the thin plate. The experiments on smooth flat plate included examination of a series of trip wires for flow stimulation, among which the optimum was 1.3 mm. In rough condition, the plate was covered with sandpapers of 40 and 80 grit. Both calculated roughness functions...
Journal Articles
J Ship Res 60 (04): 219–238.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSR-2016-60-4-219
Published: 01 December 2016
... celerity is used for formally recognizing the occurrence of high-run and a simple method is proposed for its calculation. Problem's rarity (i.e., whether few only or a large number of broaching-to incidents are recorded during long-time simulations) is controlled by using the rudder control gains...
Journal Articles
J Ship Res 60 (01): 30–47.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSR-2016-60-1-30
Published: 01 March 2016
... emissions significantly. 1 3 2016 1 3 2016 2016. The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers optimization problem 4250-teu container ship total resistance Artificial Intelligence air emission different trim Upstream Oil & Gas engine power calculation variation...

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