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Journal Articles
J Ship Res 13 (04): 276–283.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSR-1969-13-4-276
Published: 07 June 2022
... a small deadrise angle. By means of the velocity potential technique and the Bernoulli equation, he derived equations for determining the pressure distributions on the impact surface of the wedge. A cone piercing the water surface has been studied experimentally by Watanabe [4] and theoretically...
Journal Articles
Journal Articles
J Ship Res 58 (04): 185–200.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSR-2014-58-4-185
Published: 01 December 2014
... be rapidly calculated using a simple spreadsheet. The method is applicable for deadrise angles from 0 to 40, trim angles up to 30, and wetted lengths up to five beams. This wide range of parameters is significantly larger than most current models. The empirical method is modular, allowing for substitution...
Journal Articles
J Ship Res 46 (04): 248–279.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSR-2002-46-4-248
Published: 01 December 2002
... and topics for further research are suggested. 1 12 2002 1 12 2002 2002. The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers savander contour coef cient kinematic boundary condition relation deadrise angle series 62 december 2002 equation Wagner marine transportation free...
Journal Articles
J Ship Res 45 (01): 59–72.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSR-2001-45-1-59
Published: 01 March 2001
... the scope of the theory. 1 3 2001 1 3 2001 2001. The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers Artificial Intelligence hull ship research coef cient equation correlation deadrise angle aspect ratio transverse velocity Wagner machine learning waterplane waterline...
Journal Articles
J Ship Res 46 (01): 39–51.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSR-2002-46-1-39
Published: 01 March 2001
... to represent the nonlinear characteristics of the responses. intersection point wedge march 2002 spray root free surface vertical force free surface condition equation domain solution deadrise angle similarity solution inner domain solution Zhao water entry entry velocity Faltinsen body...
Journal Articles
J Ship Res 44 (04): 278–289.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSR-2000-44-4-278
Published: 01 December 2000
... for the computation of the hydrodynamic and elastic forces and of the corresponding maxima as a function of some parameters such as deadrise angle of the wedge, entry velocity, spring stiffness, and the masses. In particular, a closed-form expression for the critical value of the spring constant leading...
Journal Articles
J Ship Res 43 (03): 180–193.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSR-1999-43-3-180
Published: 01 September 1999
... accelerations is pointed out. Hydrodynamic and structural error sources are discussed. Systematic studies on the importance of hydroelasticity as a function of deadrise angle and impact velocity are presented. This can be related to the ratio between the wetting time of the structure and the greatest wet...
Journal Articles
J Ship Res 40 (02): 144–148.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSR-1996-40-2-144
Published: 01 June 1996
... stability patrol boat june 1996 roll stability contribution coefficient expression stevens institute rudder ship research quantity dynamic roll stability trim angle dynamic contribution deadrise angle roll angle chine beam equation Journal of Ship Research, Vol. 40, No. 2, June 1996, pp...
Journal Articles
J Ship Res 37 (02): 87–101.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSR-1993-37-2-87
Published: 01 June 1993
... that accurately describe slamming on hull sections are discussed. Correlations with published model test data for bow flare slamming are presented. 1 6 1993 1 6 1993 1993. The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers frequency local steady flow deadrise angle Faltinsen ship...
Journal Articles
J Ship Res 33 (03): 169–175.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSR-1989-33-3-169
Published: 01 September 1989
... values for the flat bottom under identical drop conditions and diminished sharply with increasing deadrise angle. 1 9 1989 1 9 1989 1989. The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers wedge-shaped bottom bottom plate maximum impact force cushioning effect equation impact...
Journal Articles
J Ship Res 28 (02): 77–89.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSR-1984-28-2-77
Published: 01 June 1984
... and Marine Engineers prismatic hull intersection Pierson skin friction national advisory committee deadrise angle Payne ship research instability aeronautics wedge heave pitch rate water surface trim angle coefficient normal force equation Journal of Ship Research, Vol. 28, No. 2...
Journal Articles
J Ship Res 22 (01): 32–53.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSR-1978-22-1-32
Published: 01 March 1978
... operating trim angles. Comparisons of theoretical predictions with existing experimental data on coupled pitch and heave porpoising show reasonably good agreement for a wide range of speed coefficients, load coefficients, and deadrise angles. The theory may also be used for estimating the natural...
Journal Articles
J Ship Res 21 (03): 165–181.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSR-1977-21-3-165
Published: 01 September 1977
.... A slight variation in the body deadrise angle is found to significantly change impact pressures and the shape of the pressure distributions. 1 9 1977 1 9 1977 1977. The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers Upstream Oil & Gas water region ship research Artificial...
Journal Articles
J Ship Res 20 (04): 190–198.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSR-1976-20-4-190
Published: 01 December 1976
... hull bottom tangential velocity vehicle forward velocity chuang shipbuilding impact surface wave surface impact angle determination velocity component experiment test result impact pressure calm-water impact marine transportation deadrise angle ship research kl value high-speed...
Journal Articles
J Ship Res 11 (03): 190–198.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSR-1967-11-3-190
Published: 01 September 1967
...Sheng-Lun Chuang A series of experimental investigations of rigid-body slamming was performed at the Naval Ship Research and Development Center by dropping one flat-bottom steel model and five wedge-shaped steel models with small deadrise angles (up to 15 deg) from various elevated positions above...
Journal Articles
J Ship Res 5 (01): 9–21.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSR-1961-5-1-9
Published: 01 March 1961
...Wen-Hwa Chu; H. Norman Abramson A critical review and evaluation of existing hydrodynamic theories of body-water impact is presented. It is shown, partly by comparison with available experimental data, that fitting methods are adequate only for bodies of reasonably large deadrise angle during later...

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