Abstract. In this paper an approach to mimic the influence of appendages on the pressure distribution on a boat’s hull in RANS simulations is given. While, of course, the appendages could be modelled explicitly in the RANS simulation, this significantly increases the cell count and CPU-time requirements of the simulations, particularly for boats with multiple appendages.

In this approach it is assumed that the pressure fields generated by the appendages can be decomposed into two parts: one related to lift (asymmetric) and one related to the displaced volume (symmetric). For these parts actuator line momentum theory is utilized, and doublet mass sources are described based on potential flow theory.

An initial assessment of the approach’s capabilities and accuracy is presented based on the SYRF wide light series (Claughton, 2015), showing good promise. An application example with particular focus on the reduction of CPU-time requirement is given based on a boat fitted with canting keel and DSS foil.

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