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Journal Articles
Mar Technol SNAME N 47 (01): 17–26.
Paper Number: SNAME-MTSN-2010-47-1-17
Published: 01 January 2010
... states (FLS) Accidental limit states (ALS). 4.1. Serviceability limit states SLS represent the criteria governing normal functional or operational use. There are various types of SLS criteria for ships and offshore structures, such as elastic deflection limits under quasi-static actions; elastic...
Journal Articles
Mar Technol SNAME N 46 (02): 74–90.
Paper Number: SNAME-MTSN-2009-46-2-74
Published: 01 April 2009
... in seaway criteria among other problems, the desired results were essentially unattainable at that time. This paper is intended to show that many of these deficiencies can now be overcome (section 2). The approach taken here to improve design for seakeeping is termed a first-principles methodology (FPM...
Journal Articles
Mar Technol SNAME N 46 (01): 34–44.
Paper Number: SNAME-MTSN-2009-46-1-34
Published: 01 January 2009
...Burak Omer Saracoglu; Mustafa Insel; Ismail Hakki Helvacioglu The objective of this paper is to identify the location selection criteria of new building shipyards. The identified criteria for shipyard location selection assists consultants, managers, and investors to realize and to analyze various...
Journal Articles
Mar Technol SNAME N 46 (01): 45–59.
Paper Number: SNAME-MTSN-2009-46-1-45
Published: 01 January 2009
... chemical spill fatality hazard consequence reduction marine transportation criteria IMO Artificial Intelligence criterion Psaraftis fsa guideline ncaf accident rCo formal safety assessment safety fsa study guideline Formal Safety Assessment: A Critical Review Christos A. Kontovas1...
Journal Articles
Mar Technol SNAME N 45 (03): 147–156.
Paper Number: SNAME-MTSN-2008-45-3-147
Published: 01 July 2008
... & Gas Artificial Intelligence FPSO ship Damage Stability parametric roll model test criteria calculation assessment stability application probability international conference stab 2006 equation regulation ocean vehicle marine transportation Simulation proceedings procedure...
Journal Articles
Mar Technol SNAME N 44 (04): 226–233.
Paper Number: SNAME-MTSN-2007-44-4-226
Published: 01 October 2007
...Lyuben D. Ivanov; Chris Serratella; Ge Wang; AiKuo Lee A method is proposed for developing renewal criteria for marine structures based on the reliability approach. It accounts for structures' degradation over time and uncertainties of loads. Thus, the implied risk in geometry-based renewal...
Journal Articles
Mar Technol SNAME N 43 (04): 153–169.
Paper Number: SNAME-MTSN-2006-43-4-153
Published: 01 October 2006
... forward criteria october 2006 naval architect regulation boat shipyard arrangement fisherman gal fuel stern marine technology F/V Bay Islander: A History of Change and Increased Capacity J. Cameron McKernan1 This paper describes the evolution of a medium-sized dry hold fishing vessel...
Journal Articles
Mar Technol SNAME N 43 (01): 22–26.
Paper Number: SNAME-MTSN-2006-43-1-22
Published: 01 January 2006
... criteria merrell dow forensic standard birth defect standard practice investigation reliability acceptance scientific community standard guide federal rule Industry Guideline Artificial Intelligence frye incident admissibility general acceptance guideline Industry Guidelines...
Journal Articles
Mar Technol SNAME N 43 (01): 42–54.
Paper Number: SNAME-MTSN-2006-43-1-42
Published: 01 January 2006
... Intelligence Froude number stern flap preliminary design multicriterion optimization optimization problem criteria flap compromise solution marine technology design team multicriterion compromise solution equation coefficient US government flap angle model 1 stern flap design Pareto front...
Journal Articles
Mar Technol SNAME N 42 (04): 159–176.
Paper Number: SNAME-MTSN-2005-42-4-159
Published: 01 October 2005
... and the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has also proposed one such standard. This standard provides four ship-maneuvering performance criteria, and its latest version is dated December 2002. Simulation technology, in particular the simulation of ship maneuvering, has advanced considerably in recent years...
Journal Articles
Mar Technol SNAME N 42 (01): 43–51.
Paper Number: SNAME-MTSN-2005-42-1-43
Published: 01 January 2005
... in a particular sea state can be determined from an oceanographic database through application of the response amplitude operators. However, this procedure is strongly affected by the chosen limiting criteria. This is particularly the case for passenger vessels where many conflicting criteria are used to assess...
Journal Articles
Mar Technol SNAME N 42 (01): 11–20.
Paper Number: SNAME-MTSN-2005-42-1-11
Published: 01 January 2005
... Organization (IMO) in 2002 represent a significant step forward in ensuring adequate maneuverability of ships. The Standards provide numerical criteria for assessing the adequacy of maneuverability in deep, unrestricted water at sea speed. Explanatory notes to the Standards provide useful guidelines...
Journal Articles
Mar Technol SNAME N 42 (01): 21–30.
Paper Number: SNAME-MTSN-2005-42-1-21
Published: 01 January 2005
... freight & logistics services fishing vessel Artificial Intelligence marine transportation criteria Simulation proceedings model test Damage Stability stability assessment contingency planning ship numerical simulation Workshop amplitude ocean vehicle parametric roll University...
Journal Articles
Mar Technol SNAME N 41 (02): 82–88.
Paper Number: SNAME-MTSN-2004-41-2-82
Published: 01 April 2004
...Riaan van ‘t Veer; Jan de Kat; Paul Cojeen This paper presents the first results of a study on the behavior of a damaged large passenger ship in waves. It shows how numerical tools can be applied to derive trends in relation to the time to flood for this type of vessel. Relevant capsize criteria...
Journal Articles
Mar Technol SNAME N 41 (01): 31–37.
Paper Number: SNAME-MTSN-2004-41-1-31
Published: 01 January 2004
... Organization Subcommittee on Stability and Load Lines and Fishing Vessels Stability held in London in July 2002 and in September 2003. 1 1 2004 1 1 2004 2004. The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers ship stability criteria stability Artificial Intelligence criteria...
Journal Articles
Mar Technol SNAME N 40 (04): 288–295.
Paper Number: SNAME-MTSN-2003-40-4-288
Published: 01 October 2003
.... The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers marine transportation criteria test result survival sea state model test october 2003 freeboard ship correlation sem methodology regulation wave height freight & logistics services probability Survival survivability sea state Ro Ro...
Journal Articles
Mar Technol SNAME N 40 (04): 296–302.
Paper Number: SNAME-MTSN-2003-40-4-296
Published: 01 October 2003
... criteria that reflect the true dynamic environment faced by the crews, better means to convey stability guidance, including the current risk of capsize to the crews, and lastly a program to teach stability and how to use the guidance provided. 1 10 2003 1 10 2003 2003. The Society of Naval...
Journal Articles
Mar Technol SNAME N 40 (02): 93–105.
Paper Number: SNAME-MTSN-2003-40-2-93
Published: 01 April 2003
... controllability simulator participant channel design Modeling & Simulation criteria design process operation waterway ship maneuverability controllability recommendation april 2003 Channel Design and Vessel Maneuverability: Next Steps When ships get too big for their ditches. . . Gray (2001...
Journal Articles
Mar Technol SNAME N 39 (02): 77–85.
Paper Number: SNAME-MTSN-2002-39-2-77
Published: 01 April 2002
... assessment criteria april 2002 operation consequence regulation safety formal safety assessment risk assessment 1 4 2002 1 4 2002 A Brief Review of Marine and Offshore Safety Assessment J. Wang1 This paper reviews some typical marine and offshore accidents in terms of major causes...
Journal Articles
Mar Technol SNAME N 38 (01): 1–8.
Paper Number: SNAME-MTSN-2001-38-1-1
Published: 01 January 2001
... of particular types of ships. 1 1 2001 1 1 2001 2001. The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers Artificial Intelligence Drilling Equipment model test calculation ship parametric resonance machine learning Upstream Oil & Gas criteria high-speed craft freight...

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