With the construction of intelligent oil field, profound change is being brought by internet of things and big data, resulting in innovative development and management by information collection, distributed computing and data mining and other technologies. However, it is a great challenge for us that how to combine big data analysis technique with conventional oil & gas production to serve petroleum industry better. Because of complexity and unknown of oil & gas production, present production problems can not be real-time solved by conventional plans. Big data method is introduced for these problems. Big data analysis platform of oil & gas production is established initially, realizing the functions of data handling, diagnosis, prediction, early warning, and multivariate visualization analysis. Well condition can be predicted by model identification of time series of well load, current, pressure, liquid level, rate and other parameters. Visual problems of multi-parameter sensitivity analysis can be solved by dimensionality reduction method. Based on big data clustering analysis, oil wells in a block can be bulk evaluated. Big data analysis platform of oil & gas production platform is still improving. Based on multi dimension and source data, through statistical analysis, model identification, clustering analysis and visualization, intelligent diagnose, prediction, optimization decision and evaluation of oil & gas production will be finished, realizing the transform from operation model to data model. Finally, a new method will be provided for increasing production, declining energy consumption and saving cost.

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